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Behind the lens ...

My name is Bistra Stoimenova and I am 24 years old. I live and study in Sofia. I've been into photography since 2009. To me photography has always been more than a hobby for almosr as long as I have memories of my life and in recent years it is something more... I love taking pictures (or as photographers say - shooting) and roaming with a camera in hand. 

I would love to take on an engagement for shooting at an event or for aother type of photography in Sofia. I am good at almost any type of photography- macro, food, objects, portraits, landscapes, weddings, performances...

PIctures for sale can be found on the following international websites. 



If you want to see more of my work - look here: (available in English and Bulgarian) (in English only)

If you like some of the pictures uploaded there and you want to use it - contact me for more information!

If you like my work and would like to hire me for an event - again, contact me! 

(I show wedding photos ONLY when we meet in person. If you tell me in advance, I can make a trial photoshoot of you.)


Why me?

The net is full of people who claim to be 'professional photographers' - so why you should choose me above all others?
  • Personal approach - each client is unique and hence has different criteria and needs. To me is extremely important to know what they are BEFORE I agree to take on a task. If you choose me and write to me or call - probably I'll ask you a dozen questions or more.
  • Affordable price (subject to negotiation depending on what the work is) "First you work for a name , then the name works for you" - says a Bulgarian proverb. Currently I am working for a name so to me at this stage having more engagements  is much more important than having a few but with higher fee. 
  • Professional treatment - to me the client's satisfaction is of paramount importance. If you choose me you will see the pictures IMMEDIATELY - that meants during the event/photoshoot itself - and you will have the opportunity to correct your preferences if you are not satisfied with the end result. To me it's only right that you see the thing you pay for before you receive the files and is too late to make new ones.
  • Retouching if necesary -  if you wnat me to, I can retouch the shots - I work with Adobe Photoshop CC 2014, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 and Zoner Photo Studio.  Sometimes, however, reouching the shots can only ruin them - we all want to look like Brad and Angelina but nature has not been so generous with most- so the shot you'll receive will be only slightly retouched. For a more serious retouching you'll have to tell me.
  • You don't pay for something you don't like - most photographers want to know how many pictures you want and then give you the shots which normally should have been deleted. This will not happen if you choose me as a photographer - if you pay - you deserve only the best. Because of that I will probably ask you about your oppinion at the end or after the event - in case you have a particular moment that you want  captured by all means.
  • Your pictures will be on a CD/DVD and if it is about an event they will be organized in themes - so that you don't wonder where among those 500 shots is the one where your grandmothers is so happy to see you in the white dress.
  • If you like some of the pictures from my portfolio and you want it on your wall - there is nothing easier than that - what you need to do is call me and tell me what it is that you want - I have software that can make the picture look exacly like you imagine it. There is no need to worry about the printing as well - I will do it for you. The only thing you need to do is order - 60% of the total price of the order has to be paid in advance (100%  of the price of the picture has to be paid in advance as well) and then just come to take the ready picture. 


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Bistra Stoimenova Photography Sofia, Bulgaria +359887121177
(please use this number ONLY if you live in Bulgaria! Otherwise use the email )