Welcome. welcome, welcome to Shoot Like a Pro!

This part of the site is to show you some of the tricks of the trade.

Welcome to you, photography enthusiasts!
This part of my website (as the part of the site dedicated to news feed from my blog) is currently only in English - but in today's globalized world I hope that would not be a problem for you - after all, 99% of all photographic terms ARE in English already :) 
If you love to take pictures but you are not sure how to do it correctly or you fell that you can do it better - this is the ideal place for you! 
If you know how to take pictures but you want to revise - this is the place indeed.
If you are just curious - be most welcome!
This site's aim is to improve your skills and if you happen to already know that - to brush up on your knowledge. In the next few lessons I'm gonna take you through the basics of photography.
You can find all lessons currently available in my blog (click on the link below and you will get right there)


Got you interested? Then Shoot Like a Pro is the place for you!


Welcome, welcome, welcome to Shoot Like a Pro - Advanced Edition!

If you are here that means that whatever you saw in the regular edition wasn't good enough for you. You already know that stuff and want to know more about photography. But not the beginners' level, you need some challenge and new information.
That's why I created this section - in order to be able to cover topics that would be too difficult/ uninteresting/ not useful enough for beginners. 
What's the use of reading how to shoot in low light when you're gonna need a whole lot of gear you don't currently have and/can't afford at present? That only makes people angry and de-motivates quite a lot of them. It's like watching a pro driver and longing to be like them but at the same time you still struggle when you change gears. 
Anyway, if you are here - you know what you are doing and what you want to achieve when you grab a camera. 
So let's get going!

Shoot like a pro - advanced edition awaits you!!!

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